A simple guide on choosing a carpet for your living room

A personal designer or your own imagination, no matter who you will consult, the interior of your home is a personification of you. Thus, it is important to design your home according to your taste and style. Not only for the general view but also for your cosiness and at-home feeling, it is better to arrange your home as you imagine it. Consider adding something new and unique, like rare paintings or wallpapers, unusual vases and pillows or even extraordinary carpets. Therefore, we dedicated the article to this additional part of home design.

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The latest research of the carpet market showed that the most popular and widespread are looped pile, woven carpets and cut pile. However, you need to consider the following aspects before buying.

Take into consideration that, if you have children or pets, there is no need to purchase a costly carpet since it may be quickly blemished. What is more, make sure that a new carpet compliments with your interior beforehand. Calm and modern, your room may attain a cosy look if you put the colours you like beside each other on the colour wheel. In addition, you can choose dark colours if your room is light and spacious. It is equally important to pick the general type of carpet, which you can choose on carpet websites as well as get free sample cuttings. You can make your room look spacious by removing unnecessary furniture and avoiding carpets with dark shades.

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