Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

15% return

The way the average person in our great country can build wealth is through the vehicle of Real Estate. If you are not fortunate to inherit a bundle or hit it big in the tech industry then Real Estate has and will always be that sure fire way to gain financial security for you your family and future generations to come. Many folks have fair knowledge of what to do and how to get started but their biggest challenge is CAPITAL. This is the case for any startup venture thus the latest trends are showing people getting past this hurdle by joining forces and crowding their funds. I am offering a way for you to be part of a diversified Real Estate Investment landscape and take advantage of all the benefits that Real Estate offers. Hedge your funds with our projects (Multi-Family Residential, Single Family Residential, Low to Mid price point) by pledging a commitment with our CrowdFunded LLC.

If you qualify to become part of our crowd you will become a silent partner of the designated LLC and receive bi-monthly reports on what projects are being funded, their progress, cost analysis, profit projections and attached image files.

If you would like to join our crowd: