My Mission

My mission is to offer one on one personal service for those who prefer this in this hi-tech day and age of the smart phone. Buying a home and borrowing the necessary funds to do so are the biggest moves in anyone’s life. I feel this is one decision where a phone screen and your thumb is not the wisest approach. Allowing me to assist you in this process grants you access to my 28 years of experience and wisdom and by default gives you the benefit of staying several steps ahead of the process at all times.


The industry has gone through a major makeover in terms of making sure the public is advised with their best interest being the number one priority. My goal is to guide and service my clients in a way that they know whatever decisions are being made are setting up a bright and prosperous future for them and their families. My style of communication is one where I do not pull any punches I will let you know exactly where you stand and what I need from you to move forward.


My ultimate goal is to put you in a situation that will offer you joy security and profitability without any foreseeable stress.