Finding a Property

Many buyers are priced out of the market however a way to get in is to look at buying a home that needs work. These properties do not
have the swarm of buyers out bidding each other as in the case with turnkey homes. There are many benefits to targeting distressed properties:
  • Make money on the buy.
  • Get into a neighborhood that you normally wouldn’t qualify for.
  • Personalize your new home to your precise taste and needs.
  • Immediately have equity value at completion of rehab giving you the flexibility to Stay , Sell or Refinance.

Financing your Transaction

I have a vast network of lenders that each specialize in their niche lending space. I will match your situation with the lender that is best suited to fund your transaction. Based on my experience I can ascertain which lending source is the right one for your deal so you avoid costly and deflating denials.
  • Conventional
  • FHA
  • Hard Money/Private
  • Construction
  • Home Equity

*Special Notes

  • Can fund High End transactions with a max loan amount of $5 million.
  • Can Fund Hard Money deals as quick as 5 days.
  • I will provide you with a Proof of Funds or Pre-Approval letter so your Purchase Offer is taken seriously.

Project Management

I managed all of my rehab projects and acted as my own General Contractor thus I have extensive “Boots on the Ground” knowledge and experience when it comes to managing a remodel project:
  • Budget Estimation
  • Take Off Blue Prints
  • Hiring Managing Subs
  • Quality Control
  • Final Walk Thru

I am willing to consult and guide you every step of the way to make sure you do not make any grave and costly mistakes and give you the added peace of mind that you are on the right track with your project.

Loan Workout

A loan workout is plan of how to restructure your loan in the face of foreclosure. I will consult with you on what to say to your lender or speak on your behalf whichever you prefer. The goal of the workout is to keep your home and stop the threat of losing your home to the bank. Based on certain factors I will get the bank to accept monthly payments that are workable for you. Other possibilities are write downs and short sales where I get the lender to reduce your principal balance or allow you to buy back your home at a substantial discount.